Jon Neher



Jon O. Neher, MD, FAAFP


  • EBP Editor-in-Chief
  • CI Deputy Editor
  • Clinical Professor of Family Medicine, UW, Seattle 
  • Associate Residency Director, Valley Family Medicine, Renton, WA


  • University of Washington, Seattle
  • Valley Family Medicine Renton, WA


  • Family Medicine with Obstetrics
  • CAQ in Geriatrics
  • Primary Care Endoscopy


  • Teacher of the Year Award, Valley Family Medicine, 2008

What is it about the FPIN mission that had you want to participate in the organization?

I appreciate the opportunity to teach in a larger context than my local residency. I also strongly believe that there is evidence-based medicine and then there is everything else.

What goals do you have for your respective FPIN project?

To bring up all authors and editors to higher levels of skill, to maintain the journal as the showcase for FPIN activity, and to work with the FPIN team to move the journal toward indexing in PubMed.

What is your philosophy as an editor?

The best teachers make the material look easy.