Corey Lyon


Corey Lyon, DO


  • Incoming PURLs Editor-in-Chief 
  • Associate Program Director
  • Medical Director
  • Assistant Professor


  • University of Colorado Family Medicine Residency


  • Family Medicine
  • Faculty Development Fellowship


  • Residency Teacher of the Year, 2004
  • STFM Junior Scholars Award, 2008
  • Resident Advocacy Award, 2008

What is it about the FPIN mission that had you want to participate in the organization?

I want to be participate in translating original research into a family medicine practice, and more importantly, assist residency programs and faculty in teaching and applying evidence based medicine skills into their programs.

What goals do you have for your respective FPIN project?

I want to see as many faculty and resident use the evidence based medicine skills they develop and grow as authors of Help Desk Answers.

What is your philosophy as an editor?

Being Editor-In-Chief for Help Desk Answers serves two roles. First, to assure the articles that get published are of the highest quality and utilizing the best evidence available. But also, my role is to assist faculty and residents new to writing, to become successful at putting their EBM skills in motion and obtaining an evidence based publication.