Anne Mounsey


Anne Mounsey, MD


  • PURLs Deputy Editor 
  • HDA Deputy Editor
  • Associate Professor of Family Medicine


  • UNC Department of Family Medicine


  • Women’s Health

What is it about the FPIN mission that had you want to participate in the organization?

Family Physicians need to stay up to date with the literature in addition to developing the skills to assess the literature and be able to answer clinical questions. FPIN provides a framework to help develop these skills not only for faculty but also residents. FPIN through its publications in the Journal of Family Practice and American Family Physician makes important contributions to clinically relevant literature and I am excited to be part of the organization.

What goals do you have for your respective FPIN project?

As a PURLs editor I want to help practicing physicians stay up to date.

What is your philosophy as an editor?

To interpret the evidence in a clinically relevant context.