FPIN Editorial Planning Capacity Policy

HelpDesk Answer Capacity Limits

To ensure that we always have the ability to staff our editorial team effectively and get important research disseminated in a timely manner, every publication project at FPIN has defined capacity limits. The calculation for the HelpDesk Answers project has been standardized for all programs. It can be figured by taking the PGY2 class size (according to ACGME accreditation status), dividing it by 3, and rounding up. (Example – If a program’s size is 5/5/5, then they would have the ability to write 2 HelpDesk Answers). This number will allow every program to write HelpDesk Answers with one class of residents with their faculty in triad writing groups and directly help to meet ACGME requirements for both faculty and residents.

Many FPIN programs have expressed a desire to write more. Because of this demand, our Board of Directors approved funding to expand our editorial team to allow some programs, who have strong local infrastructure in place, to write more. Unfortunately, due to the COVID global pandemic, the training for this initiative had to be postponed.

If you are still interested in applying to write additional HDAs, we request that you fill out this APPLICATION no later than August 1, 2020. Please note: It is unlikely that programs will be permitted to increase the number of HDAs that they can write in the first half of the academic year, July 1-December 31. You will have a higher chance of approval if you request to begin your additional HDAs in the second half of the academic year beginning in January. You will be able to note this on the form when you apply.

Interested in Other Writing Projects?

Email us at [email protected] to schedule a call to discuss our GEMs (Great Evidence Matters) writing project.