Laura Morris



 Laura Morris, MD


  • HDA Deputy Editor 
  • Assistant Professor of Family and Community Medicine


  • University of Missouri


  • Women’s Health
  • Family Maternity Care


  • STFM New Faculty Scholar 2012
  • University of Missouri Department of Family & Community Medicine Teacher of the Year 2015

What is it about the FPIN mission that had you want to participate in the organization?

I’m excited to help family physicians and learners acquire new, practical skills. Doctors who know how to answer evidence-based questions can provide better, more efficient, more effective care for their patients.

What goals do you have for your respective FPIN project?

I’d like residents and faculty to see scholarship as attainable; minimizing the intimidation factor associated with the writing and publication process is key.

What is your philosophy as a board director?

Just do it! (apologies to Nike) The secret to accomplishing scholarly work, as with any project, is to just get started. Many potential researchers and scholars wait for the perfect time to start, the perfect time to write, or the perfect time to respond…don’t wait, just do it!