Laura Conlee Russell, Membership Manager & PURLs Project Manager

[email protected]

Laura, what do you do for FPIN?

I am the Membership Manager for the organization. The biggest part of this job is being an advocate for our members to ensure that all of their needs are met and suggestions are shared with our Board of Directors. I work to understand how each of our member programs utilize FPIN and use that information to try to better our products and services.

I also work with programs interested in joining FPIN by learning their goals and matching them with appropriate product and/or service that is right for their program.

Tell us more about Laura and your background…

I am originally from Iowa and earned my B.A. in English from the University of Iowa. Go Hawkeyes! 

I joined the FPIN team in late summer 2016 when my family moved to Columbia from St. Louis. In St. Louis, I worked at a university where I collected and analyzed student data. My work history is full of fast-paced environments and looming deadlines in both for-profit and educational settings. Commonalities in all of my previous work experience are tackling challenges, implementing processes, constant juggling, and learning way more than I imagined I could learn.

What do you do when you are not working?

I spend a lot of my time with my husband and daughter. As a family we love to travel, listen to live music, browse book stores, and linger in coffee shops. As a mom I spend a lot of time juggling activities for my daughter like softball, ukulele, and Girl Scouts. I also enjoy reading, sewing, and taking our pandemic puppy, Kipling Darling, on long walks.

Everyone has unique skills, what are yours?

My husband and I play "name the breed of dog" when we see dogs go by as I seem to have obtained a lot of knowledge on that subject over the years. I also tend to be a magnet for lost or injured animals. Everything from one-legged seagulls in Seattle to wandering dobermans and misplaced juvenile squirrels in St. Louis all managed to pull at my heart strings for love and attention.

Are there any fun facts we might enjoy learning about Laura?

Once upon a time, my dream job was to be an air traffic controller but the thought of being locked in a dark room for eight hours a day had me rethink that career goal. I am also an animal lover. From the chubby brown squirrel that sits on the fence outside my office to the fox I enjoy following on Instagram - I cannot get enough! 


I enjoy the discussions being had on the PURLs listserv. As a bystander to the research studies being discussed, I love to watch the interaction between our physicians and the thoughtful responses that come out of debating whether a certain article is worth their time to review closer. To me it shows what good hands the discipline of family medicine are in and makes me look forward to what is to come. 

Last, but not least, what is your NetFlix series or movie and why?

The Good Place! I discovered it on the flight home after vacation and I cannot get enough. "Jacksonville Jaguars rule!" And if I want to learn something I watch The Great British Baking Show.