Gary Kelsberg

 Gary Kelsberg, MD


  • CI Deputy Editor
  • Faculty, Valley Family Medicine Residency


  • University of Washington Department of Family Medicine


  • Geriatrics (CAQ)
  • Obstetrics
  • Pediatrics


  • Valley Family Medicine Teacher of the Year 2010

What is it about the FPIN mission that had you want to participate in the organization?

Major new advances in medical research garner headlines, yet we in academic family medicine can help many more patients by bringing all practicing physicians up to the level of what is known. FPIN’s job is to do just that: translate the most current medical knowledge into advice for practicing physicians.

What goals do you have for your respective FPIN project?

I want all our Clinical Inquiries to be clear and honest practical advice for our readers: practicing clinicians.

I also want all our authors and editors to learn and enjoy developing clear and useful translation research, and in the process become more skillful scholars and clinicians.

What is your philosophy as an editor?

Provide our readers with useful and accurate evidence-based answers to clinical questions and provide our authors and editors with clear and helpful guidance to develop and expand their skills.